The G/li%tc*h

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The beauty of the glitch.

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And…the remarkably disturbing nature of a glitch

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Check out this link on rather terrifying glitches within video games:

(#27 is rather unfortunate)


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How about the glitch in the video game?

A glitch is a significant alteration to the reality the video games represents. It is a disruption of the network, and its effects are very much present.

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Then there are the glitches that occur in real life:

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I don’t know about any of you, but where I’m from, there are thousands upon thousands of Ford Escapes EVERYWHERE. Take a five minute drive to the grocery, and you’re bound to see about twenty of them. Glitch in the matrix?

What about when glitches are done on purpose. Does that make them art?

This image of a glitch below sort of resembles one of Jackson Pollock’s paintings!

Ray Weitzenberg. “Glitch”. October 27, 2010. Digital Image. Flickr. Web. May 2017. <>

Glitches only speak to the malleability of reality, or at least the malleability of the reality represented in images and alternate, digital worlds. Are they still representing reality in a truthful manner, these images that are erroneous? Or was that ever their goal?

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