Making sense of the strangeness

In the process of making sense of the strangeness that surrounds us, one must ask what is being “normal American”  and proceed to ask is that the normal that they want to be part of. Depending who you ask, whether they be female, male, old, young, black, white religious, atheist, Republican, Democrats It is guaranteed that one will get a variety of different answers. In this guarantee of a variety of different answers is also the things that often lead us to create categories such as “Us vs. them” mentality, Social norms, and most importantly the ability to impose an identity on others. The “Us vs Them” mentality prevents us from expanding our horizon and circle of people. Social norms are designed to make us feel comfortable with the positions that society made us believe we belong in. Granted the severity of this differentiates but as human beings we all have the tendency to fear what we do not know so imposing identities makes feel better about our placement in the world. At any given time someone is being asked to separate, conform and accept by others and often these demands are being done by people who genuinely believe they are doing what is in our best interest and this is the problem.We pretend that we know people even though we realize as human being we are incredibly complicated. No two souls could ever have the same stories so if we want to better understand all the things that appear strange to us, let’s first be okay with the fact that strangeness is normal. Hopefully, by normalizing the things we find strange we will be able to not demand other to separate, conform and accepted things the way in which we perceived them to be “normal”.  In doing this project I realized that I’ve found comfort in knowing that I exist where I am, always between communities, always between places.


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  1. Your comment “strangeness is normal” makes a very important point, I think. We need to recognise that “strangeness” is indeed a normal part of life and part or a normal life.

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