Finally Entered the Matrix!

By Donald Hutchins

Fiiiiiiiinally, I have gained access to the website!

~noises~ One less anxiety attack.

It’s strange, to me, that all the people that used to speak of the internet as a fad while passing out worksheets on penmanship, are now fully engrained in a tech-based approach to nearly everything in academia now.

I used to be told not to put information on the web ’cause “you never know” where it’s going or to who, and for what purpose. Don’t put your name, don’t talk to strangers or folks you don’t know well, don’t discuss personal info or where you live, etc. All that shit’s now long-since gone! The ship to sail has been outmoded for a rocket ship, and it’s orbiting Saturn at this point in the game.

How strange is it that all those who spoke with apprehension of this newfound “fad” back in the day are now comprehensively intertwined with the technological realm that has taken hold of our society; they’re now asking the previously led-like-cattle youth: “how do I get the sounds to stop”, “how do I Facebook”, and “what’s this button do?”(for all you Dexter’s Laboratory fans).

Is it so strange the turning of tables, or is it more strange that I actually wasn’t sure how to spell “penmanship”, and was lost in a stupor in the instant my brain called the word front and center. Such a mental act hadn’t taken place, at least based on my memory, since elementary school. This memory seems trustworthy, seeing as I remember moving to typing-tests in middle school, and straight up Macintosh for high school.

How strange!

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