The Meaning of Reality

In video games we generally enter a new world and experience it through a character that we control. It’s not real, just a game. We know that, but the characters that live in that world don’t. These characters are living their lives in this world without our knowledge that they and their world is not “real”. That their actions are often controlled by us. Does that truly make their world less real or does that just make us a god in their world unknown to them? A god certainly would view the world differently than those living in it. A god could choose to be merciful or cruel and they would curse their fate or bad luck. Each video game a new world with a possibly different god.

For all we know our world could be a game or simulation similar to the Matrix. If we knew, would that change anything? For some they would likely believe that life has lost all meaning but each person gets to choose what meaning is for themselves. The man talked about below believes that life has no inherent meaning and that this leaves us free to give it meaning in ways we choose whether or not others would agree.

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