Artifacts in Making Gender and Sexuality Strange

Strangest Lily by Donovan Cleckley

Examining artifacts such as music videos and satirical sketches allows us to further see the strangeness of sexuality and gender and critiques of ways society treats non-gender conforming people and gay feminine men as being definite outsiders as they break from the masked normalcy.

Blue, Red, and Purple: Garbage’s “Androgyny” and “Cherry Lips” discusses and examines the band Garbage’s music videos for the songs “Androgyny” and “Cherry Lips.” This part of the page further identifies the fluidity of gender and confronts the oft imposed—and erroneous—idea that gender is rigid.

Gay Dudes, Desire, and the Secondhand Fuck Fantasy: Playing with the Sexualized Other (While He Plays Back) analyzes a sketch from Chappelle’s Show titled “Ask a Gay Dude” in which straight men fantasize and fetishize about fucking gay men, even when they hold their claim to “straightness.” They desire to consume the other in their peculiar—and strange—fetishistic discourse.