Introduction: Queer Theory, Feminism, and Making Strange

Rebel Cries Jesus by Donovan Cleckley

This site looks at making strange in gender and sexuality. We have artifacts from current media as artifacts of strangeness in modern culture, including music videos, excerpts from TV shows, and comics.

On the Roots of Strangeness, Queerness, and Difference begins our discussion of what it means to make strange.

Introduction: Queer Theory, Feminism and Making Strange discusses the integration of queer theory in regard to how we make strange and examine the outsiders—or the “others”—in terms of their gender performances and sexual identities.

Artifacts in Making Gender and Sexuality Strange involves an examination of a few artifacts including Garbage’s two songs “Androgyny” and “Cherry Lips” and Dave Chappelle’s “Ask a Gay Dude” sketch from Chappelle’s Show.

Feminine Males as “Gender Offenders” discusses males and how femininity is viewed as being deviant—or rather as an “othered”-kind of being male.

Boys’ Love Manga and Fujoshi examines how the genre of boys’ love manga others the gay experience, and how the readers of boys’ love manga make strange their performance of womanhood through voluntarily subjecting themselves to othering.

Fag/Outsider/Fighter functions as more of a firsthand account of being strange as written by Donovan Cleckley.

Reflections: Exploration and Otherness involves reflections from both Bastian and Cleckley on otherness, making strange, and this COPLAC project itself.