Estranger in a Strange Land

By Donald Hutchins

It feels strange to know so little about so much, as the pursuit of understanding expands your scope away from itself. Chasing the rabbit is just like any other fix; I am another type of junkie.

Questions reciprocate one another. And without variation or differing view, our subjective mental chases in nature would uptake a psychopathic positive feedback loop through experience.

But we have one another. It’s a dance of time, our experience of self through one another. Simply gotta wanna try, gotta feel: there’s one another. Need not to walk in some other’s shoes, but make sure one another has ’em.

Don’t ask and question or strike with your judgement. Morality, objectivity, freedom or liberty are not above you. You will not ascend to higher order in deluded self-absolution, and committing acts as such. There is no view from nowhere to impose upon us the way.

Generalizations are always false. Absolutes are a fallacy.

Truth, morality, and good are acquiesced in the present, in the moment of engagement. Anywhere else, they’re illusory. To conceptualize them in an objective sense remains subjective, and the act on such a concept is an injustice to your pursuit.

We are a dynamic system within systems, upon which there is no discernible hierarchy. Microcosms within macrocosms within microcosms within– so on. Dependent upon one another– though while caught in a paradox of disharmonies.

The human condition is one of intense passion. Such a being is embodied with endless potential anew, while driven with raw energy; combining to create power. If there’s any divine entity to observe us, they must wonder the calamities we must’ve required in the lab.

Imposed upon us is a galaxy of differing worlds and senses, approaches to being and relating in space– physically and mentally. Truth and morality lie in our hands, the steering wheel we all use to determine the next moment. At times our actions lead us on a path to righteous compassion– other times we run over folks.

Compromise is a mutation of immoral activity we have habituated perhaps for good. To slay a jungle village for palm oil, to invade struggling landscapes for resource acquisition: or to live without Cheez-itz and existing combustion-engine infrastructure? Why not, bear with me now, look at other options.

“Yes”, “No”, “good”, “bad”, “false”, “true”, “male”, “female”, “black”, “white”; “American”, “African”, “French”, “Japanese”; “refugee”, “immigrant”, “poor”, “alien”, “foreign”, “slave”.

The efficient encapsulations of things too complex for categorization– and yet there they are. We see these words in stark contrast to an opposite, and yet those comparisons differ between each of every one and other’s skulls. They’re used for understanding, when they do not even have the capacity to understand that which they stand for, as signs/symbols of something distinguished to an absolute degree.

“Well, maybe”, “alright”, “challenging”, “compelling”, “interesting”, “HUMAN, GOD FUCKING DAMMIT”, “undiscovered potential”, “beauty to be discovered”, “fears to address”, “obstacles to overcome”.

We’ve got to work together. With ourselves, with others, with everything, without judgement or inflated sense of self– which is indeed the first challenge of rectifying the ills of our communal world. The changes we seek are inherent in ourselves, however difficult it is to recognize.

To consume beef is to transform 2500 gallons into an 80z. sirloin– while Flint Michigan, the valley communities in California, struggled for water these past few years. To consume cocao over cacao is to be guilty by association for child slave labor in African resource wars, in which Nestle’ and Hershey’s fruitfully invest following your continued market participation.

To allow racism, absolutism, anti-intellectualism, tokenism to continue. To allow the over-exaggeration of minor issues as “mental illness”, and to glorify suicide and normalize fascistic tendencies with humorous sentiment. To let the opinions of others direct your feelings of self-worth and accomplishment. To convince yourself you’re unworthy, unfit, incapable of value and being valued.

The change begins with you. We value the value life brings to the table. Life is a determinant of value, not the reverse. Let your light blind the present with your offerings– it may take or leave it as you consent.

If you believe in your best and most appropriate self, if you strive without the influence of others to walk your own line, if you take each challenge as the opportunity to show the potential you’ve always had to kick ass and triumph, you’ve already won.

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