Strangeness by Donald Hutchins IV


Is the experience of

imposing our preconceived notions

upon that which is, for the first time, relating

with our sense of the world and

our place in it.


is your conscience

scouring the stacks of your

past selves and relations with the

world, looking for the color or shape that

lie before your unexpecting, virgin eyes

 blinding your senses as your inner

self calls you to say there’s

nothing here;

“that is



is the barrier we appropriate

to defend our habits

from change.


is the box in the

hall closet for deposit

of the differences we wish

not to talk about when

certain folks are

over for tea

only the contents

are a human being;

they encompass our

inner meanings and

isolated feelings of

the way all these

social dealings


our place and taste

in our homes and bodies.


blames a concept,

an interchangeable face

or fact of mob mentality

with no peer-review

and nothing to

say to you

because another


would be

different than

imposing our biases

on what we see before us

when our conscience is confronted

with something new, but just ignores us

and paints the image with a question mark face

but with angry eyebrows to perpetuate hate so

it’s easier to make fates for kids and elders

in poor states, while another turns the

tide to desecrate all other’s faiths

so they never really ever

feel home in this



is the normalization

of victimization through

unconscious habituation of

inaction through disinterest of

the innate person and principles of

their being and place, value, meaning in

the world, as a vast interconnected system

of the same beings at various degrees

frequencies, and vibrations of

energy and raw potential

for just about



is the dualism of

our life in the cosmos,

and the paradoxes.


is the opposite

of seeing the grass

greener on the other side

or the glitter of gold

as the sun shines

bright and



occurs when we

are incapable of

facing the unknown

without the habit of

judgement, founded

in the known, jumps

before the urge to

seize an opportunity

to learn and see,

once again,


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