Oh, how things haven’t changed!

While researching information for the timeline, I came across an interesting tidbit regarding degrees and requirements here at UMW. Apparently the bachelor of arts wasn’t even offered until 1934. Prior to then, Students were only awarded a bachelor of science in education and the collegiate professional certificate. So in other words,┬áthe school’s only focus was producing teachers. Now that’s not a bad thing, but I’m sure not it wasn’t every woman’s dream. This change allowed for woman to now major in things such as English, mathematics and fine arts.┬╣

The fine arts major especially stood out to me as both me and Sarah are currently majoring in studio art (a similar discipline). It was interesting to see the beginnings of it. I also managed to come upon the general requirements for the BA back in 1936:

Image of pg 189 of History of Mary Washington College: 1908-1972.


I see a lot of the same stuff we’re still required to study. Of course we’re no longer required to study hygiene, but everything else is still there. You can check it out for yourself by looking on our school website. Im kind of curious now to see whether or not this we keep these basic requirements for much longer. Will there be a huge overhaul? Will we suddenly do away with Foreign languages? Will more be added.

Only time will tell.



1. Alvey, Edward. “Development Accelerates: New Degrees, Faculty and Facilities, 1934 – 1938.” History of Mary Washington College: 1908-1972. Charlottesville: U Pr. of Virginia, 1974. 189. Print.


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