Project Prospectus

We will be looking at The University of Mary Washington’s beginnings as an all female college and how it transitioned into a co-ed college. Our goal is to gain a better understanding of what it was like for those who lived through the university’s growth as well as how the past compares and contrasts with how the university is today. We will be gathering images, documents and other material produced during this period in the university’s life to study. We will also be interviewing current and past students who lived in or experienced life in an all female dorm on campus after the college’s overall switch to co-ed to see how that compares to then and now.


The main part of our project will consist of interviews and the timeline. Both will be featured on the website we create. For the interviews we will need:

* Permission slips for the interviewees to sign so that we can use our footage of them

* Proper and consistent lighting

* A space where we can film with minimum interruptions, preferably indoors for audio purposes

* Questions that can easily be restated in our subjects answer

* At Least an hour per interviewee

* Interviewees email addresses for any future inquires

* Back-up interview dates and times

* Other dates that each subject can re-film incase of problems with video or audio

* Rhode mic, tripod, phone charger, phone grips, phone, lights

The timeline will profile the history of the University of Mary Washington as an all female college as well as include info on other similar colleges in the state at the time. For the timeline we will need:

* To research and gather information such as:

* Images of the campuses and the students

* Footage that features the schools at the time

* Documents that show and describe the point in history.

* A way to format and display the timeline.